Recent/Upcoming Events

If you would like to promote Barn Dog Games and run your OWN Barn Dog event you can add have your Club sanctioned with the Barn Dog Association of Canada.

We will guide you through the process of hosting, including what you need to get started (How many nests/bales/boards etc), Critter Care, acceptable Trial locations, Premium list template, etc

Site and equipment inspections will be conducted before such approval is granted. Barn Dog Fees are $2 per run for host clubs.

Clubs hosting an Official Barn Dog Event MUST submit results to the Barn Dog Association of Canada electronically within 1 week (7 days) of the end of the event. Clubs who submit results late will be subject to a fine of $25 for every day the results are late.

Clubs wishing to host a Barn Dog event must have at least 12 PVC tubes to use for Nests and at least 16 Critters, so that they can be rotated though the various events.

Critters must be used in no more than 2 consecutive classes. If critters have been used in two classes they must be put back in their habitat to rest for at least one class before being used again.

Clubs hosting Barn Dog Events must have incident report forms on hand to record any incidents that may happen at their events. These forms will be made available to competitors upon request to be submitted to the Barn Dog Association for follow up.

Any incident of unsportsmanlike conduct, aggression, or discipline of a competitor must be reported by the Host Club, to be submitted with the Results.

Host Club must offer a Qualifying ribbon/rosette to each eligible competitor as described in the Award section.